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April 28, 2009

I’ve seen the hits spike in the past couple of days, probably due to a self-link in a comment over on Metafilter (how diabolically sneaky of me). If you’re just dropping in, welcome.

The past week has flown by and I haven’t posted anything new, so this is just a note to let you know some of the (hopefully) cool stuff I’m working on. Blogs of the following titles are in-progress:

Accidental Influences and Unintended Plagiarisms
Song: Star Baby
Alternate Tunings Are Like Brussels Sprouts (They’re good for ya!)
Soundtracks from Unflimed Motion Pictures

Tonight’s my designated drinking / writing night, so I expect to finish off the first on the list along with the finest/cheapest wine I can come by. It shall not be packaged in a box, it shall come from a bottle. The bottle shall not be plastic, it shall be made of glass. The wine will not be white, it will be red. It shall not be gulped straight from the bottle, it shall be poured into a proper wine glass and then gulped. It will likely have a screw-off cap, or rubber cork.